Raw Feeding Details

Welcome to the world of raw feeding.  Here at Destiny’s Raw Deli we have a passion for feeding our dogs what they were designed to eat. We offer advice based on our experiences, we do not claim to hold the rule book on raw feeding but we are happy to use our experiences to guide you as best we can. Our suppliers do not use additives or preservatives in their food so your dog will be getting no toxins from their raw diet.

We believe a straight switch to raw is the best way to go as kibble digests at a different rate from raw so don’t look back!

You should see changes in your dog very quickly, for example they will poop less, this is because their bodies are using everything you feed them.

Raw Feeding by Weight

How to work out how much raw food to feed your dog……

This is a very simple calculation; you feed a percentage of your dog’s weight. The guidelines say between 2% and 3%. The more active the dog the higher the % you should feed.