Our Goals


Meal Sizes for All Breeds

Any dog can eat raw food, it’s what they were built to eat. From a Chihuahua to a Great Dane and everything in-between! We sell pre weighed bags of 454g of mince, meat chunks are also available in 2kg packs and I have also searched and located raw treats to get everything natural in one place. From chicken wings to tracheas and pigs ears to pizzles! I aim to spread my passion for raw to Oxfordshire!

Fresh and Different Meats

We stock Bulmer’s raw food, it is ordered in bulk from them and comes directly to Destiny’s Raw Deli. We have a large variety of flavours; check out the shop to see them all!

No Fruits or Vegetables

Our raw food is pure meat. Vegetables are not included in our brands as it is not a necessary part of their carnivorous diet. Dogs do enjoy fruit and vegetables and can eat most of it. Destiny’s favorite is a few carrots and kale.

Mission Statement

Although we don’t claim to hold the rule book on raw feeding We truly believe dogs on a raw diet are happier and healthier, our Dogs on a raw diet have better dental health, and better breath, this is as they eat bone which naturally looks after their teeth and gums. They poop less on raw as their body uses all the nutrients you give them, it has less odour too! One of the first things I noticed after switching Destiny to raw was her skin and coat; she has such a shiny coat now and never has dry itchy spots. Destiny was a bit overweight but after switching to raw she is looking amazing, by replacing kibble containing mainly carbohydrates that turn to sugar her body is lean and her muscle mass is amazing. Her energy is consistent as she uses all of her raw food as fuel.